What Medical Professionals Say

Nurses and surgeons understand the benefits of keeping patients warm before, during and after surgery. More than 50,000 times a day in hospitals across the globe, they turn to the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ system to keep patients comfortable and warm. They know the Bair Hugger system is safe and effective.



“I have been using Bair Hugger [therapy] since its “birth”, and have always loved the gentle and effective warming.” – Kathleen T., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Maintains temperature and keeps patients’ temperature normothermic (normal body temperature) during surgery.  We use [Bair Hugger therapy] on every patient.” – Amelita A., Vallejo, CA

“We love Bair Hugger products in our OR.  Knowing the patient is normothermic (normal body temperature) and comfortable frees the nurse to implement other safety measures and utilize their time wisely.”  - Kristina J., Findlay, OH

“We use Bair Hugger [therapy] on just about every patient that we see in the OR, and we rarely have any issues with hypothermia.  Great products – will always use them.”  -  Alan J.

“Bair Hugger [therapy] offers great temperature control and consistency.”  - Dave P.

Helping patients

“I love Bair Hugger [therapy].  We use it all the time and it helps warm up our patients during surgery.”  - Aimee V., Dallas, TX

“I think by applying Bair Hugger [therapy] on our patients in the pre-op holding area, and keeping our patients warm throughout the perioperative experience, that our patients have needed less time in PACU (recovery room) and ultimately less hospital stay.”  - Yvette, Fort Myers, FL

“Everyone gets a Bair Hugger [blanket] of some sort.  When the OR nurse isn’t sure if the case is ‘long’ enough, I make sure they know that my patient always gets a blanket.  My PACU nurses love me because my patients are always warm!”  - Nancy S., Edmond, OK

“We love our Bair Hugger [therapy] products!  All of our staff finds that it helps to increase patient satisfaction and it shows in our reviews.  Thanks so much Bair Hugger therapy!” – Adrienne Z., Cheektowaga, NY

“Bair Hugger therapy is a wonderful tool for warming the patient and keeping them comfortable throughout their journey in the hospital.”  - Summer D., Cadillac, MI

“It’s amazing how happy the patients are when you cover them with warm Bair Hugger blankets!” – Dawn T., Peoria, IL


“I can always rely upon Bair Hugger [therapy] to effectively warm my patients.  Thank you for keeping our smallest patients warm!”  - Kristine C., Boston, MA

“We use Bair Hugger therapy for every case, every day.  This included 600 pediatric urology cases in 2011.  This product has allowed us to keep our pediatric patients normothermia (normal body temperature) even though we keep our rooms cool.”  - Gregg P., New Brunswick, NJ

Cardiac Care

"Using the [Bair Hugger] sterile blanket for our lower extremity free-flap procedures has allowed us to keep our patients warm increasing the viability of the flap. Thanks!”  - Steve T., Louisville, KY

“We have been using the [Bair Hugger] full underbody blankets for the past two years for all cardiac patients in the OR.  We have found them to be great in keeping the patients normothermic (normal body temperature).  The blankets are easy to use and very effective!”  - Karen M., Stonybrook, NY

Ease of Use

“Highly recommended.  I use [Bair Hugger therapy] on all cases exceeding 30 minutes of operating time.  Absolutely practical and therapeutic!”   -  Loretta G., Chattanooga, TN

“I have used [Bair Hugger therapy] in several facilities.  It is very easy to use and performs well in keeping the patient temperature at optimal status.  I would highly recommend this piece of equipment in any facility.”  -  Joanna M., Akron, OH

“We do 30-50 cases a day, and we use Bair Hugger therapy for our patients.  The patients like them, and as the manager of the pre-op and PACU (recovery room), I feel Bair Hugger [therapy] is a reliable product.”  - Shane S., Clackamas, OR